Cheekbone Beauty: A Canadian Brand, with Canadian Made Products, Supporting First Nations Youth

I can’t explain how happy and excited I was when I first discovered this brand a few days ago. Not only are the products made in Canada but this brand supports First Nations Youth and Families. Being a Six Nations Mohawk woman and also having a fiancé that is First Nations Ojibway, I truly have a soft spot for this brand, and it really touched my heart that Indigenous peoples finally have a voice in this massive world of beauty. Not too mention, the founder, Jenn Harper, is a sweetheart who cares about her brand and her people.

On Cheekbones website, they have a set of 7 Long Lasting Lipsticks. Personally, my favourite shade of the Lipsticks is called ‘Love’ which is a creamy and smooth nude. The 7 shades consist of the creamy nude – Love that I just mentioned, a deep plum intense matte – Victory, a high gloss coral – Inspire, a creamy & smooth orange red – Radiant, a long wear matte orange red – Purpose, high gloss fuschia – Curious and a high gloss pink – Empower.
Next comes 6 shades of Cheekbone Lipgloss. My favourite of these is a shade called Sweetgrass, which is very similar to the Love shade from the Lipsticks. The lipgloss shades consist of bright red – Fire, orangish-red – Sunset, pale pink – Pink Moon, bright pink – Wild Berry, a peachy pink – Sundance.
For the face, Cheekbone has a contouring kit and also a product for your eyebrows called Perfect Brow.
The contour kit contains 3 silky powders that help you add some bronzing hightlights to your contouring routine for a glowing, sculpted look.
Last but certainly not least, the Perfect Brow fills, tints, sculpts and shapes your brows with one easy step. It comes in 2 colours, Blonde & Brunette.

Below are two pictures of the lipstick (Love) & lipgloss (Sweetgrass) shades that are my personal favourite. Check out the Cheekbone website to find your own favourite shade.

Cheekbone Long Lasting Lipstick – Love

Cheekbone Lip gloss – Sweetgrass



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