Drugstore Makeup: L’Oréal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation & Concealer

With Summer finally here, I wanted a new dewy, glowy makeup base that I could count on to make my skin glow without making my it look oily.


I’ve used the Infallible Pro Matte Foundation before, and I absolutely loved it, so when I saw the new Pro Glow foundation I had to try it. About a week after I first purchased and started using the foundation, I noticed that L’Oréal had released a concealer to match, so once again, I had to try it.



Usually when I create a dewy look, I use a luminizer mixed into my foundation, but I quickly realized this foundation gives off a nice glow without it. The luminizer made it a little over bearing.
It blends nicely, and is also very buildable so your able to add the amount of coverage you want without looking cakey.
The end result is literally the exact look I desire while creating a dewy, glowy summer look. The colour makes it look like I have a nice tan without making me look orange, and it has the perfect amount of glow to it without ending up look oily within a few hours after application.



Typically, I try not to use that much concealer when doing a dewy summer look. So I was very intrigued when I saw the Pro Glow concealer. As soon as I applied it, first of all I noticed how amazingly soft the application brush was, but also that the shade of the concealer I choose (which was the lightest shade available) was pretty much the exact same colour as the foundation. This made me so happy seeing as the concealer just adds to the look rather than being way to light and taking away to dewy, glowing complexion I aim for.
I use my beauty blender with the Pro Glow concealer, and it blends very well, and even adds a little more glow wherever its applied. I was worried that because it was the same colour as my foundation that it might not get the job done, but I was very happy to see that it very much does its job.

After a little bronzer, and highlight, my dewy, glowing makeup look is complete. I would highly recommend using the Pro Glow foundation and concealer if your wanting to create the same kind of glowy summer look. Make sure to test your shade first so that you don’t get too dark of a colour, otherwise your look wont be what your aiming for. The foundation shade I use is 203 NudeBiege and the concealer shade is 01 Classic Ivory

Let know if you’ve tried either of the products mentioned, or if your thinking of trying them. I always love hearing from you guys.

Much love xx

– Bee


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