Natural Beauty Essentials: Coconut Oil

I’m sure almost all of you have heard about the crazy good benefits that Coconut Oil has for your skin. To be completely honest, this past weekend was the first time I’ve ever given it a try. I’ve always just been really sceptical about it and was afraid that thanks to my sensitive skin, that the oil would clog my pores, resulting in a nasty break out.
Last week I started using Tea Tree Oil on my face & neck for my acne. Multiple people told me to try using Tea Tree as a spot treatment, and I was happy to see that it really worked. But stupid me, on Friday morning, right before the long weekend, I applied to much of it which caused a horrible burn type rash on the skin around my mouth. For some reason, this part of my face has always been really sensitive. I was desperate to find something to take care of the burn on my face, but for obvious reasons, needed something without perfume, and something natural that wouldn’t make the rash any worse.
After a little research and a talk with my pharmacist, I came to the conclusion that Coconut Oil would be my best bet.

After washing my face, I applied a good amount of the Coconut Oil to the problem area. I woke up the next morning beyond pleased to see that my burn/rash was gone. All that was left behind where the burn originally was, was some dry skin. So for the next few days, I didn’t wear any makeup and continued to apply the coconut oil all over my face. As of today, 4 days after the burn/rash broke out, my face is back to normal, but thanks to the Coconut Oil, my skin is softer than any product has ever made it before.

I would highly recommend adding coconut oil to your daily routine. Since discovering how amazing it is, I now use it all over my body and face every night an hour before bed so that it has time to soak into my skin and doesn’t rub off all over my pillow.

Let me know if you’ve ever used coconut oil, and what the outcome was after using it.

Much love xx


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