Natural Beauty Essentials: Tea Tree Oil

I’ve used Tea Tree Oil since I was a kid. My mom would use it as an antiseptic/germicide on my skin whenever I had a cut or sore.
But lately I’ve been seeing quite a few people mention that they use it in their daily skincare routine as a spot treatment for pimples.
So I gave it a try and it worked. The 3rd day, I applied way too much, resulting in a burn type rash on the skin around my mouth. I talk about it in my Natural Beauty post about Coconut Oil. Here is the link to my post about Coconut Oil..

After my skin was back to normal, thanks to the Coconut oil, I continued to use the Tea Tree Oil and it’s been working amazing. Rather than just putting the Tea Tree Oil on my finger tips and rubbing it into my skin, I now put a little bit on a cotton pad and dab it gently onto my skin, avoiding the sensitive area around my mouth. I let the oil dry before adding any more products/creams to my face.

Ive noticed that it burns a tiny bit when first applied, and quite a few bloggers that have recommended Tea Tree Oil have warned that it burns when applied, so dont get scared when it burns, its not harming your skin, thats just what it does.

Now that Ive learned where and how much to apply, I’m definitely going to continue to use Tea Tree Oil in my daily skin care routine. At nighttime I use it as a spot treatment, when I wake up the next morning, all the pimples I applied the oil onto, are dried up and almost completely gone. In the morning, I usually dab the oil all over my face and Ive noticed that since adding this into my morning skincare routine, I haven’t had any new pimples pop up on my face. Considering the fact last week was ‘my time of the month’, Im VERY impressed that the Tea Tree Oil kept pimples away and quickly got rid of the ones that were already on my face.

I would recommend using Tea Tree Oil as a natural acne treatment, but dont make the mistake I made; make sure you dont apply too much as well as make sure you apply gently. I’d recommend applying it with a cotton pad, gently dabbing it onto the skin.

Let me know if you’ve ever used Tea Tree Oil in your skincare routine, and what your results were after using it.

Much love xx



I purchased this bottle of 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil at Shoppers Drug Mart, this particular bottle is made by Life Brand which is exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart

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