St. Ives: Green Tea Scrub & Cleanser

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I have been searching for a skin care product that would COMPLETELY take care of my acne. SO SO SOOO MANY brands and products promise to clear acne and keep acne from coming back, but I can tell you from lots of experimentation, that more than 90% of these products are full of broken promises and false hope. I mean, sure they lessen the amount of pimples, but unlike what the brand claims the product to do, I would still have blemishes popping up even after the recommended 2 weeks or so, of use. I thought my desire for a blemish free face was never going to happen unless I asked my doctor to prescribe me either pills or lotion to get rid of my acne. That was until I came across these two products from St. Ives.

Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub

stives6 (2)

‘This blackhead fighting formula with Green Tea extract and 100% natural exfoliants unclogs dirt and oil from pores, helping to clear blackheads.’

Thats exactly what this scrub does. No unfilled promises or false hope. The scrub comes out dark green and thick. Surprisingly the exfoliating balls are really tiny, you can only notice theyre there when you put the scrub onto your skin, unlike other scrubs where the exfoliating balls are noticeable as soon as the product is put into your hand. I personally thought this might not be penetrating enough but I was proven wrong. After the first use, I noticed that the little blackheads I had around my lips, the corner of my mouth, and strangely enough, the ones on my cheekbones. Had been cleared out. The bigger ones seem like they were closer to the surface. After a couple more times using this product, those bigger blackheads had also been cleared out. Now I just use this scrub daily to keep any blackheads from forming and its been doing a really good job.

Unlike blackhead strips that are usually only meant for your nose or chin, this does just as well, if not better, than the strips, but rather than just clearing your nose and chin of blackheads, it clears your entire face.

I would 100% recommend this product for anyone looking for something to remove blackheads and also to keep blackheads from reappearing.

Green Tea Cleanser for Blemish-Prone Skin

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‘This green tea infused formula gently fights blemishes and allows skin to heal.’

Like the Green Tea scrub, thats exactly what this cleanser does. When I started using this cleanser, my skin had quite a few blemishes, and as soon as it started to heal, it seemed like I would have another flare up. I just couldn’t seem to get on top of my acne. This cleanser mixed with the scrub changed all of that for me.

The liquid that comes out is pretty much the same as most cleansers, but with a tint of green to it. It feels nice and cool when applied to the face, I have a sunburn on my face at the moment, and let me tell you, this felt so lovely going onto my sunburn earlier when I did my nightly skin care routine. It just has a really soothing, soft feel to it. A little goes a long way with this cleanser. All I use is one pump of the cleanser and its plenty for my face. It gets soapy right away. It gives off the slightest cooling sensation after being massaged into the skin. After massaging in circular motions for as long as needed, I wash it off, resulting in skin that feels so fresh and clean. Its like this cleanser gives my skin a big breathe of fresh air. Is that weird?

I noticed after first use that this cleanser had calmed down any blemishes I already had. After continuous use, and thanks to a little tea tree oil dabbed onto the skin after wash, I have finally found the skin care routine I’ve been dreaming of. All I use in the morning is the Green Tea Scrub & Cleanser, along with 100% pure tea tree oil, and Ive rarely seen any blemishes. Around my time of the month, I get the odd one, but other than that, my skin is clear.

I would 100% recommend this product for anyone looking for a product that will actually take care of their blemish prone skin, and leaves their skin feeling squeaky clean.

Let me know if you ever tried either of these products, or if you’d like to try them. I always love hearing from you guys.

Much love xx


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