Aveeno: Fresh Essentials Daily Exfoliating Scrub

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I had never heard of this scrub by Aveeno, so this is a little jewel I found one day in the skincare isle at Walmart. Whenever Antonio and I go to Walmart for our groceries, I always have to take a quick peak in the makeup and skincare isles. At the Walmart close to our apartment, they had just recently added a little clearence/discounted section. This little gem by Aveeno was something ridiculous like only $5 or something around that. So offf courrrsee I had to get it because as Ive said before, I personally find Aveeno’s formulas/products just perfect for my sensitive skin. So seeing a cheapcheapcheap Aveeno scrub is a must.


Now lets get into this product and what its all about. On Aveeno’s website it says that this scrub keeps your skin looking fresh from morning to night. This is a deep facial scrub thats enriched with natural luffa and coconut pulp which gently removes dirt and makeup from your pores.
The Fresh Essentials products contain Active Naturals and in this particular scrub the active natural is Southernwood which, in this scrub, helps to lock in whats good for your skin and block out whats not. Leaving skin looking smoother, brighter, more balanced and more polished.

The second the scrub comes out, it smells so darn good. But not like an overbearing perfume type smell, it smells like a beautiful & natural, flower scent.
You guys know that due to having sensitive skin, my face breaks out when a skin care product contains a lot of perfume.
The way this scrub feels on my face, for me, is perfect for the morning. Personally I hate using hard scrubs that have the thick exfoliating balls. When I wake up in the morning and use a heavy scrub on my face, it just feels so uncomfortable and most times just straight up hurts. So I like to save scrubs like that for my night time routine. This particular Aveeno scrub is really nice a creamy, yet you can feel it exfoliating your skin with what must be the smallest exfoiliating balls ever. I swear, you cant even see them. Between the natural scent, and the creamy, soft texture, this is my go to scrub for the morning. After washing it off, my skin feels & looks fresh, soft, clear, and ready for makeup.

I would highly recommend using this product as your daily morning scrub. Its the perfect scrub to get your face ready for either makeup or just a natural no makeup day.



All Active Naturals Southernwood formulas provide antioxidant activity to help restore the skins moisture barrier for fresher and healthier looking skin. If you click the link above, you can check out details about the product mentioned in this post and also a Fresh Essentials with Active Naturals Sandlewood daily moisturizer as well as a night cream.

Let me know if you have or would like to try the Aveeno Active Naturals Sandlewood products, I always love hearing from you guys.

Much love xx


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